Dual functorial construction


  • Nicolas M. Thiery (2009-2010): initial revision
class sage.categories.dual.DualFunctor

Bases: sage.categories.covariant_functorial_construction.CovariantFunctorialConstruction

A singleton class for the dual functor

class sage.categories.dual.DualObjectsCategory(category, *args)

Bases: sage.categories.covariant_functorial_construction.CovariantConstructionCategory


sage: from sage.categories.covariant_functorial_construction import CovariantConstructionCategory
sage: class FooBars(CovariantConstructionCategory):
...       _functor_category = "FooBars"
sage: Category.FooBars = lambda self: FooBars.category_of(self)
sage: C = FooBars(ModulesWithBasis(ZZ))
sage: C
Category of foo bars of modules with basis over Integer Ring
sage: C.base_category()
Category of modules with basis over Integer Ring
sage: latex(C)
sage: import __main__; __main__.FooBars = FooBars # Fake FooBars being defined in a python module
sage: TestSuite(C).run()

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