Bijection between rigged configurations and KR tableaux

Functions which are big switch statements to create the bijection class of the correct type.


  • Travis Scrimshaw (2011-04-15): Initial version
  • Travis Scrimshaw (2012-12-21): Added all non-exceptional bijection types

Return the correct KR tableaux to rigged configuration bijection helper class.


sage: KRT = crystals.TensorProductOfKirillovReshetikhinTableaux(['A', 4, 1], [[2,1]])
sage: from sage.combinat.rigged_configurations.bijection import KRTToRCBijection
sage: bijection = KRTToRCBijection(KRT(pathlist=[[5,2]]))

Return the correct rigged configuration to KR tableaux bijection helper class.


sage: RC = RiggedConfigurations(['A', 4, 1], [[2, 1]])
sage: from sage.combinat.rigged_configurations.bijection import RCToKRTBijection
sage: bijection = RCToKRTBijection(RC(partition_list=[[1],[1],[1],[1]]))

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